110 new coronavirus cases.

It is not falling below 100 people.

I am most worried that the number of cases where it is impossible to determine where and how it is caught is now approaching 30%.

First, today (19th), we will start the news with a comprehensive summary of the corona situation.

This is Nam Joo-hyun.


According to the results of epidemiological investigations of 1,880 newly confirmed patients in the last two weeks, 72% of cases were in contact with a confirmed person, belonged to a group infection, or came from abroad, or the route of infection was confirmed in any way. is.

The remaining 28% are being investigated because they do not know the route of infection, but they are approaching 30%, surpassing 25% for five consecutive days.

The continued emergence of confirmed cases of unknown infection route means that current epidemiological investigation capabilities have limitations in blocking the transmission loop.

It also means that people who are asymptomatic or mildly infected are dormant in the community without being confirmed, and are at greater risk of further transmission.

[Kwon Jun-wook/President of the National Institute of Health: (Seoul Metropolitan Area) There are also difficulties in epidemiological investigations and contact tracking management, etc. because there are many populations and various circumstances.]

Corona 19 reinfection cases have also been confirmed.

Health officials said that a woman in her twenties who was cured after being confirmed in March and then tested positive again in early April is the first case of reinfection in Korea.

Unlike patients who are re-positive because the amount of virus increases again after a negative test, it is a case of re-infection with the corona 19 virus of another strain.

Reinfection was previously confirmed in Hong Kong and the United States, but research on cases of reinfection is expected to have a significant impact on vaccine development.

(Video coverage: Minchul Kim)