Ikea and Rog (Republic of Gamers) will jointly create a complete line of furniture and accessories for gamers.

In total, around thirty products will emerge.

They will be marketed in 2021.

IKEA will initially target the Chinese market.

Products for gamers will be launched in China in early 2021 and will arrive later with us, starting in October 2021.

A growth market

If the Swedish company chose China, it is not by chance.

The gaming market is exploding in this country.

The new gaming assortment is being developed at the Ikea Product Development Center in Shanghai, China.

To design the products, the specialists organized several workshops with professional players in Shanghai.

Objective: to identify the needs of gamers.

As gaming habits are very different in China and in the rest of the world, the concept may not be as successful with us.

In China, gamers play mainly on mobile, a bit also on PC.

In the West, consoles remain the machines of choice, along with the PC.

“Gamers have always dreamed of the ideal gaming space: a space that is both comfortable and functional allowing total immersion in games.

Video game communities hold no secrets for Rog, with many years of experience in designing innovative gaming solutions.

We believe that the synergies resulting from this collaboration with Ikea, an expert in home furnishings, will allow gamers to create the comfortable gaming space they have always dreamed of at home ”explains Kris Huang, general manager of gaming accessories at Rog.


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