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Facebook Messenger announced on Thursday a new measure to fight against the spread of message chains.

Users will no longer be able to forward the same message more than five times, reports



“Limiting uploads is an effective way to slow the spread of viral fake news and harmful content that can cause damage in the real world,” Facebook explains in a blog post.

The application intends to fight against disinformation, conspiracy theories and incitement to violence.

A measure already present on WhatsApp

In the midst of the coronavirus health crisis, Facebook intends to limit the dissemination of false information relating to the virus.

But the measure will also serve to ensure better information for users in the run-up to the US presidential elections and other major elections to come in other countries.

Such a sharing limitation system already exists on WhatsApp.

A message can only be forwarded five times to contacts or groups, and even once for “highly forwarded” content.

According to WhatsApp, sharing of fake news and problematic content has since been reduced by 70%.


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