Former reporter Lee Dong-jae, a key suspect in the alleged incident of forced attempts by Channel A, was handed over to the trial. Whether it was an open contest with former prosecutor Han Dong-hoon, who had become an issue, was not timely.

Reporter Kang Cheong-wan.

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first part of the Seoul Central Prosecutor's Detective revealed that former reporter Lee Dong- jae of Channel A had been put on trial for allegedly compelled attempts.

Reporter Baek Mo, who had interviewed with the former reporter, was also accused of the same charges.

Former reporters, including Lee Chul, are alleged to have been tried and forced to face former prisoner Lee In-Cheol, a former Venture Invest Korea representative, stating that if he does not disclose his/her passport greetings, he may be disadvantaged.

In the process, suspicions were raised that they conspired with Prosecutor Yoon Seok-yeol, prosecutor Han Dong-hoon.

However, the prosecution did not point Prosecutor Han Dong-hoon as an accomplice when prosecuting the former reporter.

A prosecutor said the prosecution said the investigation was delayed because the phone number was not given, and the investigation had not yet been completed.

Instead, he said he would clarify whether the former prosecutors were open to the public through additional investigations.

One prosecutor said that it was natural that he had not been conspired because there was no conspiracy in itself.

The investigative team analyzed the results of the digital forensics of the reporter's work laptop earlier yesterday (4 days).

However, no new evidence has been reported in the process that former reporters and prosecutors conspired.