Luckily, the rain remained strong overnight. It fell quite a bit in some areas of Gangwon, but first, I'll connect to the reporter on the diving bridge to see if the water level of the Han River has decreased.

Reporter Ahn Hee-jae, please tell us the current situation.


Yes, it was raining and stopping all night.

The rain has stopped.

Unlike the original forecast, there were no heavy rains in the metropolitan area, but as you can see here, the water filled up as you can see, hitting 7m throughout the dawn.

The discharge amount of the Paldang Dam also increased to 8,000 tons per second starting at 10 p.m. yesterday.

Diving bridge two-way traffic has also been controlled for four days.


Where are the controlled roads other than the diving bridge?


Some roads, including the Diving Bridge here, the Yangpyeong Passway at the southern end of the Seongsan Bridge, the underground road at the southern end of the Dangsan Railway Bridge, and the access to downtown rivers such as the parking lot of Han River Park and the Yangjae Stream are still controlled.

In the process of removing facilities such as portable toilets and kiosks in Han River Park, some sections of the Olympic Boulevard and part of the lane along the riverside were partially controlled.

In the rain, centering on the northern part of Gyeonggi Province, the water level of Yeoncheon Pilseung Bridge exceeded 4m, and the level of the Gunnam Dam and Soyanggang Dam was also rising.

Unlike the overnight forecast, there were no heavy rains, but there is still the possibility of heavy rains until morning, so the water level in the Han River may increase or the road control section may increase.