Four days ago, a female professional volleyball player Yoo Min-min was found dead. It is known that they were suffering from malicious comments, but there are also opinions to remove sports article comments along with voices to respond strongly to bad cases.

Reporter Yoo Byung-min.

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31st of last month, a female volleyball player Hyundai E&C's Yoo Ji-min made an extreme choice, leaving a pessimistic pedigree.

While the police are investigating the process of death, an interview by Yu Yu-min in a psychological counseling program during his life was revealed.

Yoo, Yoo-Min shared his hard heart with malicious comments and SNS messages.

[故unique civic players. Now I hope the film comments or akpeulreo they 'You Volleyball Players' cause' 'I'm kicking even if you stop Tried looking at the good will' that malicious comments than it is to exercise hate, fight even left even hate -

Internet Sport Malignant comments running in the article have a tremendous psychological assault on players like this.

We talk about not only the players but also the family, and we do not hesitate to speak close to the curse.

Some unsatisfactory professional baseball players have taken legal action against netizens.

[Sung Kyung-Hwa/Attorney: Commenting on the curse and disgust expressions in public places that have nothing to do with legitimate criticism

seems to be beyond the limits that can be protected by freedom of expression.] Like entertainment news, commented on internet sports news Voices are saying that we should get rid of it.

[Lee Seung-Woo/Sint Trawiden: I always feel like I'm being insulted, so my confidence decreases considerably, and I hope that the sports side will change as soon as possible before going to work rather than after doing something.]

Korea Volleyball Federation's Internet portal site Asked to improve the commenting feature of sports articles, and IOC commissioner Yoo Seung-min urged the National Assembly to come up with a legislation that prohibits commenting on portal sports articles.

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