Channel A reporter Lee Dong-jae, a party to the suspicion of Kang Mi-su, was arrested today (17th) for a warrant of arrest. I'll connect reporters who are out of the Seoul Central District Court.

Reporter Kang Cheong-wan, you haven't come to a conclusion yet?

<Reporter> The

warrant review for former reporter Lee Dong-jae of Channel A, held in the Seoul Central District Court today (17th), ended around 1:30 in the day.

Now, a warrant warrant is considering whether to issue a prosecutor and a lawyer while reviewing the claim.

Prosecutors alleged that there was blatant threats and coercion in the process of ex-reporter Lee Chul-ho's attempts to uncover the secrets of passport personnel against former CEO of ValueInvest Korea.

He said the crime was not good, such as referring to the expansion of the investigation and pressing the former representative that the family could be harmed.

He also emphasized that the evidence was destroyed, such as resetting the mobile phone, and there was a high risk of escape from work.

The former reporter, on the other hand, denied the charges, claiming that the case was a duke manipulated by some political and media outlets.

As a result of the investigation by the prosecution of the Sillagen prosecution, he claimed that there was no political lobbying, and that he was not legally convicted.


Depending on whether or not a warrant is issued or not, do you think there will be a lot of waves inside and outside the prosecution as well?


Yes, it is. Once a warrant is issued, the investigation of Prosecutor Han Dong-hoon, a prosecutor of Seok-Yeol Yun, who has been designated as an accomplice, is expected to take a quick turn.

Conversely, if dismissed, it is expected that the prosecution will be empowered by the claim that the investigation was unreasonably biased.

The results of the warrant screening seem to have an impact on the prosecution investigation discussion next week, but the issue is expected to be decided by midnight at the earliest.

(Video coverage: Yongwoo Kim, Video editing: Junhee Kim, On-site progress: Sekyung Kim)