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is decided today (17th) whether former Channel A reporter Lee Dong-jae, who is a key party in the'Channel A compulsion attempt' case, will be arrested. Whether the former reporter issued a warrant will also affect prosecutors' investigation of Prosecutor Han Dong-hoon, prosecutor Yoon Seok-yeol.

Reporter Jong-Jin Won.

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Dong-jae, who arrived at the court this morning, went straight to court without answering the reporter's question.

[Lee Dong-jae/Former Channel A reporter: (What is your position on the charges? Do you think the prosecution investigation is biased?)… .]

From 10 am, the court review held at the Seoul Central District Court's hearing with Deputy Chief Justice Dong-Hyun Kim was over 3 hours and a half.

Reporter Lee is accused of threatening criminal penalties if he does not report the suspicion of corruption by passport personnel such as Yoo Shi-min, chairman of the Roh Moo-hyun group, to the former CEO of Value Invest Korea, who is imprisoned while covering'Sillan Suspect'.

The former representative agent, the so-called'Reporter X'Ji-Mo, claims that the reporter attempted to cover the conversation with prosecutor Han Dong-hoon while meeting with him.

For this reason, the Seoul Metropolitan Prosecutors' Investigation Team suspects that the former reporter conspired with a prosecutor, a prosecutor, Yoon Seok-Yeol, to investigate the corruption of passport personnel.

However, the reporter denied the allegations and claimed that the case was a duke manipulated by some political and media outlets.

The investigation team summoned Mr. Ji yesterday to investigate how he responded to the coverage of Channel A at the time, but Justice Minister Chu Mi-ae was in charge of investigating to ensure the investigation team's independence.

Whether or not to issue an arrest warrant for the former reporter is expected to be decided as early as this afternoon.