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Without Google's search engine, Huawei chose to use Qwant. On the processor side, since it can no longer collaborate with TSMC, the Chinese company would turn to Mediatek. In terms of mapping, it was with TomTom that it made an agreement. The private Chinese company of American partners continues to rebuild a network located outside the USA.

Until then, the Huawei Video service was advancing without Youtube. But the entertainment service of the Chinese company now includes the Dailymotion video technology solution, that is to say "a video player and a large catalog of local and international videos", we can read in the joint press release of two companies. With "a video inventory monetization solution".

Everything to rebuild

Jervis Su of Huawei said they are pleased to offer Huawei Video so that "users around the world can watch our partners' videos and movies anytime, anywhere, including Dailymotion content " He adds: "We are committed to offering more choices to users and hope to bring them some comfort during this period". More concretely, the Chinese company continues to rebuild its ecosystem of partners by excluding any American part. It must compete against the video giant: in 2020, YouTube has more than 80,000 videos viewed every second, or more than a billion hours of videos watched by Internet users every day, according to the moderator's blog.

This alliance is a boon for Dailymotion, the video service of the Vivendi group, which is enthusiastic about being able to reach a new audience. “Dailymotion relies on its premium content partners to distribute a large number of videos within its network of media sites. We are proud to collaborate with Huawei and to be able to promote our catalog to an ever wider audience ”, specifies Stéphane Godin, chief content officer of the French company.


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