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A part of the damaged body was found on the Gyeongin Ara Waterway in Incheon, and the police went into investigation.

According to the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency on the 29th, some unknown body was found in the waterway near Danam Bridge, Gyeongin Ara Waterway, Gyeyang-gu, Incheon, at about 3:24 pm on that day.

A citizen who was exercising near the Gyeongin Underwater Route found some of the bodies floating in the water and reported them to 112.

At the time of discovery, only one leg of the body was floating on the edge of the waterway, and it was badly decayed.

The police are looking for some of the rest of the body, not excluding the possibility that it might have been involved in the case.

A police official said, "We are currently focusing on finding the rest of the bodies."