The city carillonneurs of Utrecht and The Hague will pay a musical tribute to Mayor Jan van Zanen on Saturday. A typical Hague song sounds from the Dom Tower and a Utrecht song is played in The Hague.

Malgosia Fiebig, the carillonneur of Utrecht, will play Oh oh The Hague on Saturday at 11.00 on the carillon of the Dom Tower. At the same time Gijsbert Kok Utereg plays with me in the Oude Kerk in Scheveningen.

"Malgosia Fiebigen and Gijsbert Kok make this musical connection especially for Jan van Zanen", according to the Twitter account of the Utrecht church towers.

On Thursday it was announced that Van Zanen will exchange his position in Utrecht for mayor of The Hague. He is expected to succeed Johan Remkes on 1 July.