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With 33% market share globally and 15 million devices sold, Huawei is the current leader in the 5G market in the world.

Despite the trade restrictions imposed by the Trump administration and the ban on sales on American soil, Huawei is not doing that badly. The Chinese giant has even taken a big step ahead of its competitors in the 5G field since it was one of the first manufacturers to offer 5G devices to the general public.

Not all pawns are on the board yet

If these still represent only a minimal part of the group's activities, Huawei's 5G devices currently seem to be the most popular on the market. In China, Huawei even managed to grab 55% of the market share. Internationally, it is already facing several players, including Samsung, which would have managed to beat it in terms of sales volumes during the last quarter with 8.3 million 5G smartphones sold worldwide, according to Strategy Analytics - or 300,000 more than the Chinese group.

Samsung is not the only competitor of Huawei in this segment. OnePlus has also adopted a very aggressive strategy since all of its new terminals are 5G. The Chinese manufacturer, however, also arrived very late on this market… As for Apple, it will be necessary to patiently wait for the release of the next iPhone at the end of the year. Rumor has it that at least one iPhone 12 model is 5G.

In the long term, Huawei should offer 5G on its entire product catalog. Currently, 19 of the manufacturer's smartphones are 5G. However, these are mainly high-end models - given the cost of integrating a 5G chip.


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