Electric car owners value their vehicle more than the industry average, according to the so-called Smart Car Monitor by research agency Multiscope, which was presented on Wednesday.

Dutch people with an electric car rate their model with an 8.7. Tesla owners rate their vehicle 9.1 as a rating.

Electric cars also have a relatively high net promoter score (NPS) of 64 percent. An NPS shows the degree to which people are inclined to recommend a product to others. Tesla achieves an NPS of 80 percent.

Tesla is also the brand that people associate with electric driving. This is not surprising, since the American brand only produces fully electric vehicles.

BMW, Opel, Volkswagen and Toyota complete the top five. It is special that Toyota is mentioned by respondents. The brand only presented its first electric car in the middle of last year, a copy that is also not available in the Netherlands.

The study had more than 6,000 participants aged eighteen and older.