The season has suddenly changed while we fight the virus, as you can see now, spring flowers are blooming all over the place where we live, but unfortunately this spring seems to be difficult to enjoy. Most of the nationwide spring flower festivals, including the Yeouido Cherry Blossom Festival, were canceled, and Seoul City decided to close the parking lot of the Hangang Park this week and next weekend.

Reporter Han So-hee will tell you more.


Yeongdo-ro, Yeouido, where cherry blossoms are in full bloom. A fence is installed in the driveway to prevent entry into the vehicle.

The Yeouido Cherry Blossom Festival is a popular festival that attracts 5.2 million visitors a year.

It was scheduled from 7th to 12th, but it was canceled this year in the aftermath of Corona19.

Right now, it is only controlled by lanes, but tomorrow it is forbidden to go to this pedestrian path.

The streets were crowded with people who came to see cherry blossoms up close before the pedestrian path was blocked.

[Kim Hyun-ho / Citizen of Geumcheon-gu, Seoul: Today is the last day pedestrians can go. So I came out to see it once.]

Songpa-gu, Seoul, which has banned access to Seokchon Lake, where cherry blossoms have been in full bloom since last weekend, is broadcasting the cherry blossoms through SNS.

[Lee Yoo-ju / Yeouido Cherry Blossom Relay Reporter: I hope you will be healed for a while while watching cherry blossom walks and cherry blossom watching around the corner… .]

Instead of blocking the path of cherry blossoms, Cheongju City is encouraging people to pass in one direction to reduce the situation in which the audiences face each other.

As the days became warmer and more and more people tired of living indoors visited parks and other places, the city of Seoul decided to close the Han River Civic Park parking lot this weekend and next weekend.

In addition, the subway operation hours were reduced from today to midnight by 1 hour in order to strengthen the protection against subway trains and stations.

In a situation where it is impossible to forcibly prevent citizens from going out, local governments are deepening their worries to continue social distance.

(Video coverage: Seol Min-hwan, Video editing: Hwang Ji-young)