Jo Joo-bin ordered people who work as social service workers among paid members to extract the victim's personal information and use it for intimidation. Among them, one social service agent extracted more than 30 personal information, including famous celebrities.

This is Hong Young-jae's exclusive report.


The two social service agents who helped Jo Joo-bin were Mo, Kang, who belonged to Yeongtong-gu, Suwon, who asked Cho to murder a girl, and A, who worked at the Community Center in Songpa-gu, Seoul until last year.

Both are accused of illegally retrieving personal information and handing it over to Joe while assisting civil servants.

Mr. A worked on the complaints processing at the Resident Center, but it was confirmed that more than 30 victims of unauthorized personal information were searched.

[Resident's Center official: That fax complaint. I'm willing to give you a fax, and something like this (I did it)]

Most of the personal information that Mr. A inquired was victims of the doctor's room, and the information thus obtained was passed on to Jo Joo-bin and used for threats.

The police also confirmed that Mr. A searched personal information of famous celebrities in addition to the victims of the doctor's room.

The police are reviewing a request for a warrant for Mr. A, but he will investigate whether Mr. A was directed by Mr. Cho and searched for personal information on celebrities, leading to threats by the parties.

The government's Ministry of Public Administration and Security and the Military Manpower Administration decided to conduct a joint investigation into social service personnel dealing with personal information, revealing the shocking misconduct of doctoral room-related social service personnel, such as stealing victims' personal information and mocking the killing of Joo-bin and a girl. .

(Video editing: Seungjin Lee, VJ: Jaemin Roh)