It was found that the police investigating the 'Doctor's' telegram, in which sexual exploitation of women was distributed, secured 15,000 'nicknames' participating in the chat room.

Based on digital evidence obtained from Jo Joo-bin (24), a chat room operator, the police are pursuing accomplices engaged in sexual exploitation and focusing on identifying members' personal information.

An official from the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency said on the 30th, "As a result of collecting various data related to Dr. Bang's room, the number of nicknames (participants in the chat room) we have obtained so far is 15,000 except for duplicates.

About the total size of the participants in the doctor's room, the official explained, "It is difficult to say exactly because there are differences depending on the stage of the investigation."

It has been reported that since September last year, the police investigated the nickname information that had been participating in the chat room by conducting investigations related to the 'Dr.

Currently, we are working on identifying individual personal information.

A police official said, "We are continuing to investigate as many other chat rooms as there are sexual exploitation in addition to the doctor's room."

The police are also focusing on analyzing related data, such as nine mobile phones, obtained in the process of seizing and searching for the residence of Mr. Cho, the operator of the Dr. Bang.

Seven of the mobile phones were already unused or unused.

One of the other two was owned by Mr. Cho, the other said the police found what was hidden inside the house.

A police official said, "We seized about 20 pieces of digital evidence, and 7 of these phones have been analyzed."

"Joe admitted that he had allegedly committed his crime, but he hasn't made any statement about the password that unlocks the phone," he said. "I'm trying to unlock it in several ways."

The police are also trying to find out more about Mr. Cho's crimes.

In addition to the previously confirmed accomplices, we are actively investigating those who share sexual exploits in chat rooms or who participate in Mr. Cho's crimes.

On the other hand, the police explained that Mr. Cho's crime profits "we didn't seem to have lived up to the luxury of knowing that there were no vehicles owned and living in a rental home."