Mask shortages have continued in the midst of a proliferation trend, and there are many things related to the supply and demand of masks everywhere. First, a famous home shopping company received a lot of attention for selling masks at the price before the new corona. There were many consumers waiting for a nighttime sleep at 4:00 am, but the goods sold out before the notice.

What happened was a reporter Min Kyung-ho.


The 20-year-old Ju's family, who lives in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-do, spent the dawn of the morning today.

We waited for the mask sales broadcast of Hyundai Home Shopping for 9 minutes from 4 am.

[Ju Mo Mr./Mask Buy Attempt: Just stay up, night. Without sleeping. If you set the alarm, you may not hear again.]

This is because they advertised that they sold 60 KF94 masks for 39,900 won, less than 700 won per sheet.

[We prepared yellow dust mask necessary for all seasons 365 days a year not… ]

However, Zhu's family couldn't buy a mask.

At 30:30 AM, 30 minutes ahead of the broadcast time, the shopping site linked to home shopping was opened first, and the goods were sold.

[Joo Mo / mask purchase attempt: (3: 00) I was connected to the site for the first time in 55 minutes I was not able to access the app. When I connect, the banner pops up out of stock.]

Thirty additional sets were also sold out at the beginning of the broadcast to prevent the broadcast from occurring.

Hyundai Home Shopping opened the server before broadcasting for a while to check the system.

People who believed in commercials and bought masks for their broadcast time had no choice but to blow up.

When protests and criticisms broke, Hyundai Home Shopping posted an apology on its homepage and promised to prevent recurrence, but also put in an advertisement to sell masks.

(Video coverage: Sang Bo Bo, Video editing: Kim Sun-tak, VJ: Roh Jae-min)