Facebook has apologized in a statement for incorrectly translating the Xi Jinping name . The name of the government of China was translated from Mr. Burmese into Mr. Shithole .

According to Facebook, it was a technical defect that prevented the Xi Jinping name from being translated correctly. It went wrong when translating from Burmese into English.

The mistake was discovered by Xi Jinping's visit to Myanmar, where Burmese is the official language. As a result of the visit, several messages appeared on Facebook with Xi Jinping in the title.

Due to the technical defect, headlines such as Dinner Honors President Shithole appeared in English-translated messages. According to Facebook, this was caused by the fact that the name of the Chinese government was not in the Burmese database, so the system itself made a guess.

Facebook reports that the error has since been corrected and the translations from Burmese to English are now going well.