Korean Air recently recognized Korean female same-sex couples as 'family members' who can combine the mileage.

According to the airline industry on the 12th, Korean Air registered the SKYPASS family for a couple of Korean women in their 40s who submitted a marriage certificate issued in Canada on 9th, ahead of World Human Rights Day (10th).

Korean Air currently operates a family mileage system for SKYPASS members.

If you are registered as a family, you can use your own mileage to give your registered family an award ticket, or add your family's mileage to redeem your award ticket.

Korean Air defines spouses, children, parents, siblings, grandparents, grandchildren, spouses' parents, sons-in-law, and daughter-in-law as a range of families that can transfer or add miles.

In order to register a family, the Korean region has issued a legal document specifying the family relationship and date of birth of the applicant and the family to be registered, such as a resident registration certificate and a family relation certificate issued within 6 months. You must submit a legal document stating the family relationship and date of birth of the applicant and the family to be registered, such as a marriage certificate, birth certificate, family register and tax certificate.

However, in Korea, same-sex marriage is not recognized, so domestic homosexual couples have had difficulties in registering their families.

Director Kim Jo Kwang-su, a Korean same-sex couple No. 1, attended a Queer Talk in 2017 and called on Asiana Airlines to share mileage (with same-sex couple Kim Seung-hwan). "I have to attach a family relations register to prove that I am a family, but we can't be listed as a family."

In this case, it was possible because the applicant for family registration had a marriage certificate issued overseas.

'Aconne Couple', which runs the Naver blog 'Aconne', posted a blog titled 'Complete Korean Air Skypass family registration' and posted a marriage certificate issued in Canada in 2013 to become a family member. I received the 2018 U.S. tax return couple filing report. "

The Aconne Couple introduces themselves as "a Korean couple in their 40s, married in May 2013 in a small chapel in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, living in Korea, getting a permanent residence in the United States in 2018, and preparing to settle in California." There is.

"A few hours later, I received an email asking Korean Air to give me an ID with my date of birth. If I send my Korean ID card, I will look at '2' on my social security number, so I will be biased and reviewed. I submitted my license, "he said." We didn't approve same-sex couples, so we thought we couldn't. We received a notification that the family registration was completed within a day. "

On the other hand, Korean Air said that since the family mileage system was enforced, there is no separate regulation to discriminate or discriminate on the sex of individuals, and it recognizes family relations and registers as a family based on the laws of each country. .

A Korean Air official said, "For example, if you submit a formal document that proves your status, such as a domestic partner certificate in the Americas and Canada that recognize homosexuality, you can register your family." DB) doesn't count separately, so we can't tell if this is the first time. "

Ryu Min-hee, a lawyer at the Network for Guaranteeing Family Rights for Sexual and Minority, told her Twitter that she filed a marriage report in Canada in 2013 and that both Korean women and Korean couples were recognized as members of the Korean Air family. "There is no reason not to acknowledge that we are married, but it is good news for World Human Rights Day."

On the other hand, Asiana Airlines, which refused to register family members of Kim Cho Kwang-soo, is also allowed to register a family to use the family-based mileage system if there is a document proving family relationship.

An Asiana Airlines official said, “Same-sex couples can register their families by submitting supporting documents,” he said. “But I have not yet asked for family registration of same-sex couples overseas.”