What's more important than making laws is that our mindset, that is, our sense of safety, changes. We also reported yesterday (11th) that a seven-year-old child was injured in a car while driving a school car, and it was revealed that the car was not registered as a child's school vehicle at the time of the accident.

This news was reported by CJB Lee Tae-hyun.


On October 12, 7-year-old A was injured while getting home on a school car in Taekwondo, cutting his fingers in a broken chair.

However, it was a vehicle that did not even register as a children's school vehicle.

Only eight days after the accident, he was registered.

There were no guardians who must have been present, nor did they check whether children were wearing seatbelts.

[Children's commuter vehicle driver: (safety belts). ]

Including all mandatory safety training, all five violations were violated. Penalties and penalties were only about KRW 650,000.

[Damaged Child Parents: Isn't Time Bomb on the Road? My child's injured is also upset, but she may have second and third victims.]

I have been driving an unregistered vehicle, but the speed is not easy.

Sports facilities such as daycare centers and taekwondo halls are managed by self-governing bodies, kindergartens and academies are managed by the school board, and it is difficult to expect a proper crackdown because the police car is managed separately by the police.

Although the rules for children's traffic safety improve every year, children's safety is still in blind spots.

(Video coverage: Park Hee Sung CJB)

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