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Gyeongnam Hamyang Seoha Elementary School, which has only 14 students, made a pledge to recruit students next year.

The benefits are tremendous as the number of students has plummeted and the problem of school existence has arisen.

First of all, it is said that you can live in an empty house in the village for only 2 million won a year.

In addition, we plan to offer jobs to parents so that they can continue their career after sending their children to school.

It also includes the promotion of English specialized education.

The reason why the pledge is so disruptive is that there is a limit to attracting students in the building, so we need something different to attract students from all over the country.

The school has already secured three vacant homes for new and new students next year, and has secured a 100 million won fund for all overseas students and scholarships.

The netizens say, "Oh, it's a hurry to arrange a parent job for various benefits." "I want to regain the vitality of rural areas so many cases," he responded.

(Source: Seoha Elementary School)