Yesterday (11th), I was informed that the 512 trillion won bill is being debated over the passage of next year's budget. Our data journalism team reviewed the budget review process and it seemed as problematic as the process.

I'm Ahn Hye-min.


Analyzing the minutes of the National Assembly's Budget Settlement Committee, which reviewed the budget for next year, drew some words.

'Job' and 'investment' are the same as last year.

This year, a lot of words related to diplomacy were mentioned, especially 'Jisomia', 'USA' and 'Japan'.

It seems that there was a lot of discussion about job budget and diplomatic budget.

Regarding the progress of the meeting, a word that appeared a lot toxic is 'hold'.

The word 'hold', which appeared every time the screening was delayed, appears more than 800 times every year.

I can't decide now. I'll do it later. When and where?

Until last year, it was a subcommittee of the subcommittee, the so-called so-called, and this year the secretariat.

The so-called so-called, which has been operating conventionally every time the budget was reviewed, has been criticized for being 'black screening' because it has not disclosed or kept records.

Opinions were raised that the meeting should be made public, but in the end it was not disclosed.

Only the name has been changed to secretary council.

How long did the meeting last?

Based on the minutes of the resolution, we analyzed the actual time taken by the Budget Subcommittee. It was over 70 hours in 2018, but it decreases every year, only 51 hours this year.

4 hours and 38 minutes a day on average. Compared to 6 hours and 42 minutes in 2018, it has decreased by nearly two hours.

The issue budget review was thoroughly reviewed by the secretariat, which may be countered.

But how long do we have to watch the parliamentary behavior, which is not only grounded but also driven by time and is also considered private?

(Video Editing: Jang Hyun Gi, Lee Seung Jin, CG: Choi Haeul, Song Kyung Hye)

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