Twitter users can now secure their account better, without having to share their 06-number with the social medium.

This is the so-called two-step verification. In addition to a user name and password, an additional code is also required to log into an account. This form of security makes it a lot harder for hackers to break into an account.

Twitter already made it possible to receive that code in different ways. This allows users to provide their telephone number to receive a text message. There are also apps that generate codes.

The social medium already offered support for those types of apps, but so far always required that users also provide their 06 numbers. This is no longer necessary, which means that two-step verification with only one app is also possible.

This is how you secure your Twitter account with an extra code:

  • Log in to Twitter and go to Account under Settings
  • Navigate under 'Log in and security' to 'Security'
  • Check 'Login verification' and start the process to set up security

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