Microsoft has received a license from the US government to deliver software to Huawei. That's what a Microsoft spokesperson told Reuters .

The permission was obtained on November 20. It is not entirely clear which software Microsoft can deliver again. Probably it concerns Windows licenses for laptops that Huawei produces.

Huawei had to postpone its new Windows laptop due to the trade ban with the United States. That ban was imposed because the US suspects Huawei of espionage for the Chinese government.

Microsoft is now one of the companies that gets licenses to do business with Huawei again. Not all companies are allowed to collaborate with Huawei again. The US government has received around three hundred license applications. Half of the applications have been processed and half of them have been approved.

Trade ban for Google still applies

It is not clear whether Google has received a trade license. This company is not allowed to do business with Huawei at the moment, which means that new smartphones from Huawei cannot use Google services, such as the full version of Android. Also apps like YouTube or Google Maps cannot be installed.

Phones from Huawei that have previously been put on the market are not bothered by this ban, but the new devices from Huawei may no longer use Google services. The Huawei Mate 30 Pro, announced in September, was therefore not released in the Netherlands, although a version without Google apps appeared in Spain this month.

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