Ford has officially unveiled the new Mustang McE-electric, a compact crossover that comes in five different categories in terms of equipment and power range, to be available in the market by next year, and as a special model in 2015. 2021.

The five models of the new Ford Mustang are based on the range of electric motors, ranging from 255 horsepower to the first, to 459 horsepower in the more powerful Mach-E GT.

The range of electric power, which produces a maximum torque of 414 to 830 Nm, ensures that the Ford Mustang Mac E is able to go from steady to 100 kilometers in six seconds for the first class.

According to Ford sources, the price range for the new Mustang MacE electric in the US market ranges from 43.9 thousand to 59.9 thousand dollars (161 and 219.8 thousand dirhams).