EU member states have agreed on a strict selection policy for suppliers of 5G equipment. Reuters reports that the ambassadors of the member states discussed this on Friday in a meeting in Brussels. This decision increases the chance that Huawei will be excluded as a supplier of 5G equipment.

Huawei is accused by the US of espionage for the government and has since been placed under a magnifying glass. The US has imposed sanctions on the company, which means that several American companies are only allowed to trade with the Chinese company to a limited extent.

Huawei was not explicitly mentioned at the EU summit, but part of the stricter selection process is looking at the legal frameworks of the country where the equipment comes from. This indirectly refers to the alleged involvement of the Chinese government with Chinese companies. In addition, Member States should not become dependent on a supplier and purchase from multiple parties.

Earlier, the EU warned of an increasing number of state aid cyber attacks. In addition, the risk of 5G equipment from foreign powers in mobile networks was also raised.

Huawei denies that it spies for the Chinese government. To date, there is no concrete evidence that Huawei is indeed spying.