The day of Estelle Mouzin's disappearance in 2003, it was Monique Olivier who called Michel Fourniret's son for his birthday, contradicting the alibi of the serial killer. The revelations of his ex-wife to the investigating judge re-launch the case. "This means concretely that Michel Fourniret was potentially elsewhere, including committing the crime he is accused of," said his lawyer.


Michel Fourniret no longer has an alibi in the case of the disappearance of Estelle Mouzin in 2003. His ex-wife Monique Olivier contradicted the serial killer on Thursday during an audition at the examining magistrate. "What she said, says his lawyer Richard Delgenes at the microphone of Europe 1, Friday is that by leaving the morning, Michel Fourniret had told him 'you will call Jean-Christophe' in a dry enough tone ". Quite the opposite of what Michel Fourniret has said since the beginning of the investigation, who claims to have called his son to wish him a birthday from his home in Sart Custinne, Belgium, the day of the disappearance of the girl.

An appeal attested by statements, which was enough to exclude his presence in Guermantes, the village of Seine-et-Marne where Estelle Mouzin disappeared. "She confirmed that it was she who had made the phone call at 8:08 pm," says her lawyer.

"He was potentially elsewhere"

"It means concretely that Michel Fourniret was not in Sart-Custinne, that he was potentially elsewhere, says master Richard Delgenes, and in particular committing the crime he is accused of". But his client Monique Olivier did not specify during his hearing where his ex-husband was on the day of the facts, despite his questions. He asked him "if Michel Fourniret had told him that he had killed Estelle Mouzin". Reply Monique Olivier: "He did not tell me".

On the other hand, she is more prolix when her lawyer asks her "if Estelle Mouzin was the kind of small subjects that could interest her". "She told me that indeed, it is quite the kind of girls on which Michel Fourniret could stop," says master Richard Delgenes. "The investigating judge will now question Michel Fourniret," he concluded.

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While 9 years old, Estelle Mouzin disappeared on January 9th, 2003 while returning from the school to Guermantes, village located 250 km from Sart-Custinne. His body was never found and the many tracks considered by the investigators gave nothing. In early 2007, the police had once dismissed the "ogre des Ardennes", sentenced to life for eight murders. Six years later, the expertise of thousands of hairs and hair taken from her car had also not found traces of the girl. Interviewed by the investigators at the end of 2017, Michel Fourniret once again claimed to have "nothing to do with the case" Mouzin.