On Friday, November 22, the Assize Court of the Allier sentenced the two young murderers of an elderly couple, one to life imprisonment and the other to 30 years of criminal imprisonment.

After four days of trial, the Assize Court of Miners Allier on Friday condemned two young murderers and torturers of the elderly, one to life imprisonment and the other to 30 years in prison. A retired couple was found dead at his home in Montluçon, Allier, in 2017.

The jurors therefore followed the requisitions of the general attorney regretting not being able to request an identical sentence for the murderers who "killed both", according to her. "You have been convicted of all the facts for which you were sent to this Assize Court," President Sebastien Talenti told the defendants, addressing them one after the other. The minority excuse was lifted for Dailami A., a minor at the time of the murders. He was sentenced to 30 years in prison, and life imprisonment was accompanied by a 22-year prison sentence against Zaki AT

Sentenced for murder and rape

The two men, aged 20 and 21, bowed, had no reaction to the verdict. They appeared since Monday for murders, "accompanied or followed by acts of torture or barbarism", Ginette and Massimo Degl'Innocenti, 85 and 71 years, and Jeannine Ponce, 74, in March 2017 in Montlucon (Allier) . They were also sentenced for the "meeting rape" of a young woman in her apartment, in front of her sequestered companion, the same night as the murder of Ms. Ponce. If the attackers claimed that their goal was to steal, they ultimately stole only a few euros from their victims, who were all living in modest conditions.