The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Conservative Party has put a fake website about his biggest political opponent online. A 'manifest' of the Labor party is set out on the website.

Under the title Labour's 2019 Manifesto , the Conservative Party, which admits sitting on the front page behind the fake website, criticizes the plans of Labor and its leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The stunt follows after the Conservative Party changed the name of its Twitter account to 'factcheckUK' during Tuesday's first major TV debate. According to Twitter, the Conservative Party has thus misled people by posing as an independent fact checker.

The fake website was promoted around the time that Corbyn unveiled the real Labor manifesto for the British elections on December 12 on Wednesday. The elections are crucial for the further course of the Brexit. The winning party will lead the negotiations with the European Union.

On the fake website of the Conservative Party, it says that the British voter "about Labor's manifesto only needs to know that as Prime Minister Jeremy Corbyn wants higher taxes" and his Brexit plans would cause Brexit's "indecision and delay".