Bilal Taghi was sentenced Friday to 28 years imprisonment for the first jihadist attack in prison.

The jihadist detainee Bilal Taghi was sentenced this Friday, November 22 to 28 years of criminal imprisonment, with a two-thirds security period, for assaulting and attempting to murder two prison guards in Osny prison (Val-d 'Oise) in September 2016. An attack considered as the first jihadist attack in detention.

The Advocate General had requested a life sentence with a 22-year lock-in period, calling for sanctioning the "irreversible commitment to a radical ideology" of a man who "ceased to lie". The Franco-Moroccan, 27, already sentenced to five years in prison for an aborted departure in Syria, had acknowledged wanting to kill a representative of the French state in the name of Daesh and said his intention to start again if he had " the opportunity. "