As noted, the object was discovered on November 6 in the vicinity of the village of Peredovoye, Amur Region.

According to the results of the analysis of the celestial body, the specialists of the Astronomical Scientific Center established that it is approaching the Earth and is in a heliocentric orbit with a period of 2.89 years.

Its transverse size is estimated at 10-15 m, which is comparable to a meteorite that fell in the Chelyabinsk region on February 15, 2013.

November 8, confirming observations were obtained at Great Shefford (Great Britain) and Astronomical Research Observatory, Westfield (USA).

In October, an asteroid with a diameter of 400 m to 1 km was reported approaching Earth.

Dmitry Vibe, head of the Department of Physics and Star Evolution at the Institute of Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences, noted that the asteroid and the Earth are not comparable values.

According to him, he can’t influence the planet in any way, because regarding it “it’s not even a grain of sand, but some kind of molecule that will remain unnoticed by anyone, with the exception of a few observers.”