This is the largest bank data leak from the Panama Papers. An attack in which hackers have stolen money, bank details of thousands of the clients of the financial institution and have even offered a reward of 100,000 euros for those who do the same with other entities of these characteristics.

This is an attack claimed by a statement in Spanish that bears the signature of Phineas Fiser, the same group that years ago hacked the Mossos de Escuadra publishing private information of hundreds of agents, including their homes.

An attack recognized by Cayman National Bank itself (based in the Isle of Man).

"There is a criminal investigation underway and the Cayman National is cooperating with the authorities to identify the authors of the data theft," the entity said in a statement. "The Cayman National takes data security breaches very seriously and a forensic investigation of a technical nature is being carried out to ensure that clients and companies are protected," he says.

PIXEL has been able to access the database hacked from the Caiman bank. It contains, for now, more than 1,400 customer accounts.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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