The body of the young woman of 29 years was found Saturday in a forest of the Aisne.

The body of a woman, victim of a dog attack, was found Saturday in a forest of the Aisne, where she had gone to walk at least one of hers and in which was held at the same time a hunt. run, announced Tuesday the floor of Soissons.

The death of this 29-year-old woman in the forest of Retz "originated from a haemorrhage caused by several bites of dogs in the upper and lower limbs as well as the head," said Soissons prosecutor Frédéric Trinh, in a communicated.

The victim was pregnant

"Samples were taken from 93 dogs, those belonging to the victim", which had five in total, as well as others "having participated in a hunt (...) organized nearby", according to the prosecutor's office . This is "including (...) to identify the dog or biting," says the prosecutor, noting that the bites are both "ante mortem" and "post mortem".

The victim, pregnant, from Béarn, had called his concubine to, according to him, "report the presence of threatening dogs" while she was walking her own dog. It is he who then discovered the body of his companion, Saturday afternoon. The investigation opened for "manslaughter by dog ​​aggression" was entrusted to the SR Amiens.