Bring digital objects to life with augmented reality and clean up all those loose Office apps with a new Office bundle from Microsoft. That and more in this edition of the Apps of the Week section.

Adobe Photoshop for iPad

This week, Photoshop is making the switch to Apple's tablet with the first fully-fledged Photoshop app that goes well beyond the simple Photoshop Express. The app supports the Apple Pencil and allows you to import and edit your PSD files. When you're done, you can also save a file in iCloud so that you can continue working on your MacBook or iMac.

The iPad version of Photoshop contains everything you are used to from the program on the PC: from working in different layers to a large collection of brushes and colors. The app can be used for free for 30 days, after which a subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud is required.

Download Adobe Photoshop for iOS (free)

Microsoft Office

If you use Office programs on your smartphone, up to now there was no other option than downloading separate apps for all Office services. Microsoft is now changing that with the new Microsoft Office app. This app bundles Excel, PowerPoint and Word in one app.

With the built-in camera you can export a photo of a document directly to a Word document. You can easily transfer photographed tables to Excel. Everything you can do with the individual Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps also works in the bundled app.

The app is currently available as a beta version. By registering yourself via this link, you can download the app for free from the Google Play Store.

Download Microsoft Office for Android (free)

Adobe Aero

Adobe wants to make augmented reality accessible with the new Adobe Aero. With the app you do not need programming knowledge to build and demonstrate objects in AR. In the app you import 3D files or 2D layers from apps such as Photoshop. You can then, for example, place a virtual structure in the real world and walk around it with your smartphone or tablet.

You can also indicate points in the app that respond to touch and draw paths that follow the objects. For example, you can put a moving piece of art in your office or have a digital rocket fly through a classroom. To use Aero, you need an Adobe ID.

Download Adobe Aero for iOS (free)