RM Sotheby's auction house will auction a rare Jaguar C-X75 next month in Abu Dhabi. It is one of the four copies specially built for the James Bond film Specter . The car could be seen in the scene with the chase through the streets of Rome.

The Jaguar C-X75 was built in 2015 by Williams Advanced Engineering. The last one to drive it was former Formula 1 driver Felipe Massa in 2015. He was driving the car during a demonstration on the eve of the Grand Prix of Mexico when he was still in Williams service.

The C-X75 was first shown at the Paris Motor Show in 2010, then with a special powertrain consisting of diesel-fired gas turbines that supplied a battery pack with power. The global economic downturn marked the end of the production plans with the model.

The producers of the Bond film Specter offered a helping hand, after which four copies were still built together with Williams. Due to the demanding stunt work, a conventional V8 petrol engine was chosen for the drive.

The auction item was the so-called pod car, where the stunt driver controls the car from a construction on the roof so that the actor, in this case Dave Bautista in the role of Mr. Hinx could concentrate on acting. As a result, according to the auction house, this copy was somewhat spared during filming.

After the filming and demonstration in Mexico, the Jaguar went back to Williams for complete engine maintenance and a new clutch. RM Sotheby's is counting on an amount of at least 718,000 euros.