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The original YouTube series will stop airing exclusively for YouTube Premium customers starting September 24 . The company seems to stop wanting to compete with Netflix, HBO or Prime, although at the moment it is not known if it will abandon the production of content or if it only renounces to offer it within its payment platform.

YouTube Premium, in fact, will not disappear. The subscription service can still be used to play music and will offer a series of advantages for those who watch their series, such as eliminating advertising, the possibility of downloading them to watch them without an Internet connection, access to all episodes and exclusive content, such as scenes extra.

Another advantage of Premium is that it is the only way for YouTube content to continue playing in the background or with the screen locked, which is the main impediment of the application to be used as a substitute for, for example, Spotify in the mobile.

YouTube announced the change in an email sent to customers of the service in mid-August. Previously, information has already emerged that assured that the company would abandon the production of scripted content and that it no longer accepted proposals from creators in this regard.

For now it does not seem that there will be changes in the price of the subscription, although the exclusive series will no longer be one of its advantages. Thus, you can hire for 11.99 euros per month, with a two-month trial period.

The Originals catalog was never able to be compared with that of its competition, although the episodes available to everyone (normally, the first of each season) do accumulate several million reproductions. Wayne's first chapter, for example, has more than 28 million, while Cobra Kai's is close to 70 million . Maluma's official documentary, also available on open, has achieved more than 7 million views since its launch in early June.

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