Oh Yeong-sik KORAIL resigned. He said he was responsible for the accident.

I am a reporter.


Oh Yeong-sik, CEO of KORAIL resigned within 10 months of his inauguration.

Oh has emphasized a safe railway since his inauguration in February, but said that he has been responsible for the recent accidents and apologies.

He also asked us not to change our trust in our employees.

Oh said, however, that the way public enterprises operate in the past is the root cause of the accident.

As a result of the massive reduction in the number of people and privatization in the name of the advancement of public corporations, problems have been accumulated throughout the railway industry.

Mr. Oh, a former member of the 3-yard lawmaker, played an active role in resolving labor disputes, including restoring 90 full-time workers who were laid off immediately after his inauguration, and solving the full-time reemployment problem of KTX's crew members who had been laid off for 10 years.

However, the KTX train that struck at Seoul Station on March 19 and the excavator collided with it, and on October 8, KTX train derailment on Gangneung Line has been forced to resign due to 10 incidents for three weeks.

In May of last year, he was criticized for missing his safety because he was appointed as a parachute by a person without expertise because of his career in the presidential campaign.