7.41 euros per hour: majority of German top athletes earns below minimum wage

Professional athletes work a lot in Germany, but earn little. That resulted in a survey among athletes. The company overestimates the income, so the conclusion. But not all athletes were interviewed.

The average hourly wage of German top athletes, which are funded by the German Sporthilfe, is 7.41 euros. This emerges from a study published by Stiftung Deutsche Sporthilfe on Thursday. Thus, the income of athletes is below the statutory minimum wage. The lay in 2018 at 8.84 euros and was increased at the turn of the year to 9.19 euros.

The time spent on sport, work and training was taken into account. According to the survey among 1087 athletes, this average is 56 hours a week, divided into 32 hours of sports and 24 hours of work or training. "The investment of the athletes pays off often only in the case of an Olympic gold medal," said Christoph Breuer of the German Sport University Cologne, who had interviewed the athletes on behalf of the German Sports Aid.

The aim of the investigation is to "put a finger in the wound," said Sporthilfe Chairman Michael Ilgner. The number of participants represent about three quarters of the German Olympic team in summer games. However, professionals from ball and playing sports, professional winter athletes and exceptionally successful athletes were not considered by the study. A circumstance, which should suit the client of the study - the purpose of Deutsche Sporthilfe is the financial support of athletes.

In the conclusion of the study states: "The top sport in Germany produces public goods: national representation, pride, happiness and role models." Most public goods such as road construction, defense and education would be funded by public money, while competitive athletes would not be paid for it. The society is not "clear about this production logic" and overestimate "the income of top athletes massive."

German top athletes must renounce in their # career to around 58,000 € - the PM for the new study @SpoHoKoeln on behalf of the #Sporthilfe on the living situation of top German athletes https://t.co/Gg6vAVh0m7 @mzwiebler

- Deutsche Sporthilfe (@sporthilfe) January 11, 2019

Competitive athletes often remain low-wage earners

The study found that the average gross annual income of the athletes amounts to 18,680 euros, the month is 1,560 euros. About 25 percent of this income comes from private sources such as employment, training support or family and acquaintance support.

Athletes supported by Sporthilfe received € 550 a month last year. In 2010 it was still 250 euros. "Our goal is 1000 euros," said Ilgner. At the age of 18 to 30 years the athletes would have to forego an income of at least 58,000 euros compared to the normal population.

Nevertheless, according to the results of the study, top athletes in Germany are satisfied with their lives - the average was 7.4 on a scale from 0 (completely dissatisfied) to 10 (completely satisfied). Satisfaction with personal income was lower at 5.0.

The chairman of the Sports Committee of the German Bundestag, Dagmar Freitag, called the study a "wake-up call for all responsible persons in sport." She also said: "We must continue to work hard to improve the financial resources of our top athletes." The Sports Committee has recognized the need and will initiate direct support for the athletes concerned.

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