China News Service, October 29. The National Sports General Administration's Volleyball Management Center announced on the 29th that Wu Sheng, the current head coach of Zhejiang Men's Volleyball Team, will replace the heroic veteran Shen Fulin as the new head coach of the Chinese Men's Volleyball Team, preparing for the 2024 Paris Olympics cycle. .

Screenshot of the official website of the Chinese Volleyball Association.

  In October 2019, coach Shen Fulin took over the coach of Chinese men's volleyball team in distress.

In January 2020, the Chinese men's volleyball team lost 0:3 to Iran in the finals of the Asian Olympics Qualifying Tournament and missed the Tokyo Olympics.

  Regarding the commander of the Chinese men’s volleyball team, Wu Sheng said: “After the new Chinese men’s volleyball team is formed, we must deeply learn the spirit of women’s volleyball, study hard, and catch up with each other, and strive to have the basic skills and basic skills. Significantly increased."

  Wu Sheng was born in 1966 and was a national player in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

After retiring, he started his coaching career in the Zhejiang Women's Volleyball Team.

In 2009, Wu Sheng took over the coach of Zhejiang Men's Volleyball Team. In the National Games that year, he led Zhejiang Men's Volleyball Team to fifth place.

  After the 2010 National Games, Wu Sheng once again took charge of the Zhejiang Women's Volleyball Coach, leading Zhejiang Women's Volleyball Team to seventh place in the 2011-2012 National Women's Volleyball League and third place in the 2012-2013 National Women's Volleyball League.

In 2017, the coach of Zhejiang Men's and Women's Volleyball Team was changed, and Wu Sheng coached Zhejiang Men's Volleyball Team.

The Zhejiang Men's Volleyball Team won the runner-up in the just-concluded National Championship.

  On the same day, the new men's volleyball team training list was also announced. Jiang Chuan, Guo Cheng, Wu Bizhi, Li Yongzhen, Zhang Guanhua, Deng Xinpeng, Chen Leiyang and others were selected. Veteran Ji Daoshuai was not on the list.