On Wednesday last week, the Hungarian big club Pick Szeged traveled to Belarus for Thursday's meeting in the Champions League with Brest.

After the team's training in the afternoon, the news came that four players in Brest, three juniors and an A-team player, tested positive for the coronavirus.

On match day, all players in Brest were tested for corona but no one was found infected.

With three hours left until the match, the European Handball Federation (EHF) decided that the match would be played - even though Szeged did not want it.

- It is completely crazy of EHF to let that match be played.

Completely idiotic.

If you have four players infected some day before the match, you should not play, says Szeged's Swedish winger Jonas Källman to SVT Sport.

After the match, three players in Szeged tested positive for corona and five players in Brest.

Will take it further

Källman believes that Brest knew that several players tested positive for the virus even before Szeged flew on Wednesday morning.

- They did exactly as we test on Monday and then it should have known that they had four positives already on Tuesday.

Had we known that then we would never have flown up and the match would never have been played, he says.

Källman is sure that the club will take this further.

- Of course the club will do it.

The club was against playing the match from the beginning.

Szeged has been hit hard by the coronavirus.

39-year-old Källman is one of only six players in the Hungarian team who have not had a corona so far.

"The latest infection felt like a knife in the back"

- We have had these problems all season and played with a reduced team in basically every match due to corona infection.

The fact that they take these risks in Brest makes it even more difficult for us.

We sit on our knees and get hit after hit, and the latest infection just felt like a knife in the back.

For handball players in Hungary, the quarantine is valid for ten days for anyone who has tested positive for the virus or who has been in the vicinity of someone who has been found infected.

Thereafter, at least two negative corona tests, ECG test, blood test and medical check-up are required.

Only after that do the players get their player license back.

- This is the third time this season that we are in quarantine for ten days.

You get into a disgusting rhythm but rock-hard training, then a ten-day quarantine, play for 1.5 weeks and then another ten days in quarantine.

It is also hard mentally because now we are behind with a lot of matches and will squeeze it.