See the elite class directly in Play

Many eyes are focused on Tofta shooting range, when Gotland Grand National defies the pandemic darkness and for two days line up with more than 2,000 starters.

The highlight will be the elite class on Saturday afternoon, which we broadcast live on SVT.

The exercise class in the morning is also shown on SVT.

- I thought for a long time that it would not be a competition due to the pandemic, but better a race without an audience than a completely canceled race, says LG Ståhl, who here lists the key points in this year's GGN.

The weather

- The water does not run off on the limestone so it is tough for the drivers when it gets extremely muddy.

I hope we avoid canoe weather.

The starting field

- Most Swedish stars, some Norwegians and Finnish star Eero Remes.

Of the Swedes, I am most curious about Albin Elowson, Mikael Persson and Oskar Ljungström in the men's class.

On the women's side, I believe in Hanna Berzelius, Emilia Reimander, who has done the best before, and this year's shooting star Hedvig Malm.

- It is completely open about who wins.

Completely open!

They are missing

- Isak Gifting drives the motocross WC and is doing well, but I would have liked to have seen him on Gotland.

And last year's winner Filip Bengtsson, of course, who injured himself badly at the Swedish Championships.

It made me very sad.

About the 22 km long race track

- An exercise track up to five meters wide, both in the open field and in the woods.

Quite hilly to be on Gotland.

The biggest challenge

- To have the right tire.

The limestone is slippery.

It will go really fast, unless the rain destroys it.

Tires become important.

Corona threat

- No risk of infection between the drivers out on the track and besides, there are small teams that are already socializing.

No other audience.

Everything takes place in a large fenced military area.

I think it will go well.

But it is still important to wash your hands and keep your distance.