On October 24, the 22nd Hope Marathon (Yunnan Trip) and the 4th Yunnan Hope Marathon fired.

200 charitable volunteer runners dressed in white race uniforms ran 5 laps around the hospital in Yunnan Cancer Hospital and received the finishing medal after the race.

  Since the first shooting of the Hope Marathon in Yunnan in 2017, Yunnan Cancer Hospital has held the Hope Marathon for many times. Nearly 9,000 people participated in the charity run and raised more than 1.1 million yuan in donations, all for cancer research, Early diagnosis and early treatment projects, tumor prevention and control system construction, and funding for poor cancer patients.

  In response to the implementation of normalization requirements for epidemic prevention and control, this year's Hope Marathon (Yunnan Tour) will be run simultaneously online and offline.

From October 24th to December 31st, 2020, the majority of love runners can register online through the "Yue Running Circle" APP. After uploading the number of running miles, they will get an electronic certificate and an electronic medal.

Volunteer runners will work together online and offline to help cancer patients and cancer prevention research fundraising activities.

  The theme of this year's Hope Marathon is "Healthy life is love, running together, fighting cancer and benefiting the road". It is co-sponsored by the National Cancer Center (Tumor Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences), China Cancer Foundation, Yunnan Provincial Health Commission, and Kunming Medical University , Yunnan Cancer Hospital (The Third Affiliated Hospital of Kunming Medical University).

  After the charity run, the 2020 "For the Health and Happiness of Sisters" National Cervical Cancer and Breast Cancer Prevention and Control Public Welfare Campaign was held, and 400 women compatriots were screened for free two cancers.

  Reporter Dao Zhinan from Kunming

Editor in charge: [Liu Xian]