British media reports that Tottenham Hotspur in England's professional football Premier League proposed the terms of a renewal of a ``mammoth-class'' contract amounting to £60 million (approximately 88.5 billion won) to Son Heung-min Son (28), whose contract ends in June 2023 The report came out.

British'Football Insider' quoted an insider of Tottenham on the 24th (Korean time), saying, "Son Heung-min has been presented with terms of renewal including incentives with a weekly wage of 200,000 pounds (about 290 million won)." The five-year annual salary of £52 million is twice the current annual salary of Son Heung-min, whose contract ends in June 2023. Combined incentives, the total amount is £60 million.”

The media said, "If this contract is concluded, Son Heung-min will quickly surpass Harry Kane and become the highest-paid player in the team." Heung-min Son and Tottenham's board met at the beginning of this week to negotiate well. I explained.

In August 2015, Son Heung-min, wearing a Tottenham uniform, has grown into the best striker in the team by scoring double digits for four consecutive seasons on the Premier League stage until last season.

As Son Heung-min continues to play, the British media are also showing interest in the renewal of the contract between Tottenham and Son Heung-min.

Earlier on the 20th, the Daily Mail reported on the negotiations for renewal of the contract between Tottenham and Son Heung-min, predicting that Son Heung-min's salary would increase significantly.

According to the Daily Mail, Son Heung-min is known to receive £150,000 a week from Tottenham.

It is the third place in the team's weekly wage rankings after Kane and Tangwi Ndombele (over 200,000 pounds per week).

In the midst of this, Son Heung-min continues to fly high this season with 9 goals and 4 assistance in 8 games (5 regular league matches, 3 Europa league matches), which is a factor of'random price increase'.

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