The IBU Cup does not start until after the New Year and thus there have been some questions about the upcoming World Cup season.

Skiers who have not been qualified for the World Cup have not had any opportunity to qualify via the IBU Cup.

This has put Stina Nilsson in a tricky situation.

But today came positive news for the former cross-country skier.

This weekend, the International Biathlon Federation met to sort out the question marks.

- One of the points was how the qualification for the World Cup this year would take place given that they are not an IBU Cup this year.

We decided that each nation may have two men and two women within its regular quota who do not have the formal qualification.

And that applies to the World Cups before Christmas, says Olle Dahlin, chairman of the International Biathlon Federation, to SVT Sport.

- After New Year, the exemption is not needed as you will have had the opportunity to qualify further by driving the World Cup this year.

This means that the Swedish biathlon national team has the opportunity to let Stina Nilsson compete this winter.

The text is updated.

CLIP: Stina Nilsson after the injury: "I must be careful and wise" (September 15, 2020)

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Stina Nilsson.

Photo: BildbyrÄn