Scandal alert at Roland-Garros.


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Call her Kiki la guigne.

A month after an unlikely defeat in the first round of the US Open while sunbathing on her cruise ship (6-1, 5-1), Kristina Mladenovic put it back, if we dare say it, on the Central of Roland against the German Siegemund, with as a bonus an arbitration error as rare as it is grotesque.

Eva Asderaki, one of the best referees in the world, simply forgot to point out a double rebound on a well-slipped cushion from the Frenchwoman at 5-1 in the first set… on set point!

Kristina Mladenovic loses the point after the ball had doubled!

On slow motion, it seems obvious but the referee gives the point to Laura Siegemund #RolandGarros

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- France tv sport (@francetvsport) September 29, 2020

"It is not for my opponent to give me the point"

We are not talking about a dirty 2nd rebound invisible to the naked eye, no, the German arrives with a good second behind the case, to the point that Mladenovic stops his race towards the net before resuming it in disaster - and a little late, convinced that the set is in the pocket.

The rest will only be a long agony, dotted with six new set points missed or saved, it depends.

The Frenchwoman did not make a scandal at the time, but she still had a lot on the potato at the press conference.

“This double bounce should have given me the set.

The referee is the only one in the stadium who has not seen him.

Even if after that I still had the match in hand, we see that a point in tennis can change everything ”.

Obviously, half of the media assistance already demanded video arbitration, scenting the subject with small onions to occupy this somewhat dreary Roland.

Mladenovic gives us value for our money.

“Video refereeing would be great, it would avoid having sad scenarios like the one I experienced today.

It's a shame to get to a point where we want to replace the human being with the camera.

She does not even understand that the retro effect of the ball was only possible because there had been a second bounce ”.

Curiously, the Northerner did not particularly hold it against her opponent, who stole the point without looking back.

🎙️🤬 "It's a shame that we come to a point where we would like to replace the human being by the camera ..."

Mladenovic, raised against arbitration after his controversial elimination, advocates the introduction of video !

#RolandGarros # RG2020

- France tv sport (@francetvsport) September 29, 2020

A year 2020 to forget

“I don't wait for my opponent to give me the point.

She would have been the fairest player on the circuit if she had.

I don't know what I would have done in the opposite situation.

I am especially stuck by the referee, it is she who does not do her job, except that her Roland-Garros continues, and that I am going home ”.

It will not hurt him, perhaps, after this chaotic recovery which saw him lose two captive games in addition to being excluded from the US Open doubles tournament because of a game of cards with Benoît Pair.

"Honestly, if all bad luck can happen in 2020, which is a hell of a funny year, so much the better, like that, we are rid of, that we move on."

We're all there, Kristina.


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