The new rules of the national swimming competition are implemented, a lot of masters missed the final

  Zhou Jihong responded to questions from physical test: "To make up for shortcomings"

  The 2020 National Swimming Championships and Olympic Qualifying Tournament that are being held in Qingdao have just begun. Many famous athletes have repeatedly failed to enter the finals because of their physical fitness tests. Many media, athletes, etc. have responded to the temporary physical fitness tests implemented in this competition. The way of linking rankings and results is questioned.

In this regard, Zhou Jihong, chairman of the Chinese Swimming Association, believes that the purpose of adding basic physical fitness tests in this national competition is to make up for the shortcomings of Chinese athletes and improve the competitiveness of Chinese swimmers in the world.

  Two-pronged approach

  The direction of competition reform will stick to

  On the first day of the competition, the best domestic swimming players in their respective events, such as Yu Hexin, Fu Yuanhui, and Yu Jingyao, were eliminated after the preliminaries and failed to win the finals for all reasons. It is their physical fitness ranking among the top 16 players who failed to reach the top eight levels.

  Zhou Jihong, chairman of the Chinese Swimming Association, said in an interview with a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily on the 27th: “In order for Chinese swimming to fully reach a higher level, it must be basic and specialized. Therefore, the purpose of adding basic physical fitness tests in this national competition is to compensate. The shortcomings of Chinese athletes in order to improve the competitiveness of Chinese swimmers in the world. The purpose of strengthening physical fitness and making up for shortcomings is to encourage athletes to benchmark against the world's top levels in basic physical ability and professional sports performance. The National Championship and Olympic Standards Qualifying Tournament held in Qingdao this time was the first time that we included a physical fitness test in an official national competition. We will continue to adhere to the direction of this competition reform. Judging from the physical fitness test results, most athletes have achieved Good results, even scores of full marks in individual physical fitness, reflect the results of physical fitness training. We will also earnestly summarize the physical fitness training through this competition, and establish a special and more perfect combination that is suitable for swimming and closely integrated. Basic physical fitness training and physical fitness competition system."

  Stick to the rules

  Objectively analyze the athlete's specific performance

  When talking specifically about the performance and results of several famous players in the first day of the preliminaries, Zhou Jihong said: "Yu Hexin broke Ning Zetao's national record of men's 50m freestyle with a time of 21.79. Yu Jingyao and Fu Yuanhui The women's 200-meter breaststroke and 100-meter backstroke ranked first in 2 minutes 25.27 and 59.48 respectively. However, according to the competition rules, their physical fitness test results failed to win the finals. The competition must be conducted according to the rules. Everyone is equal before the rules."

  Zhou Jihong believes that it is necessary to conduct an objective analysis of the special performances of several athletes: First of all, Yu Hexin’s performance is equivalent to last year’s world ranking 11th. He has the absolute strength to enter the semi-finals of the World Series, but it does not guarantee his stability. Enter the final; secondly, although Yu Jingyao and Fu Yuanhui's results have reached the Olympic A standard, they are far from the world level.

Although there are many athletes in our country who can reach the Olympic A standard in the championship and the Olympic Games, the difficulty is that they can win medals in the Olympics or at least enter the finals.

  Voice of the teenager

  The top eight are judged for lack of physical fitness

  The Chinese Swimming Association and the General Administration Swimming Center set up a physical fitness test (competition) at this national championship, and linked the results of the physical fitness competition with the athletes’ results and rankings, following the "General Administration of Sport’s Guidelines on Further Strengthening Basic Physical Training and Complementary Physical Ability" "Notice of the Board", this notice pointed out: "Physical fitness is an important foundation for athletes' competitive ability. Strengthening physical fitness training can not only improve the physical fitness of athletes, but also lay a solid foundation for'being able to compete well.' It can also temper the athlete's will and quality, forge tenacious struggle, The fine style of never giving up."

  In order to implement the instructions of the General Administration of strengthening basic physical training, complementing physical shortcomings, unifying thinking, raising awareness, and doing a good job of physical training, the swimming center held a national swimming program in the form of a network video conference on July 16 to strengthen physical training and At the competition reform meeting, physical training work was preached, deployed and mobilized. All swimmers, coaches, managers and staff from 27 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities across the country participated in the meeting. Key athletes and coaches of the national team shared their physical fitness Training experience and gains, and proposed that this year's national championship will add physical competition.

All provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities clearly expressed their full support, strengthen physical training, and actively prepare for the national championship.

  However, on the evening of September 27, the 18-year-old Wang Jian Jiahe, who failed to enter the women’s 1500m final due to his physical fitness test results, broke the Asian record and said, “I can’t make it. I went to the final because my physical fitness was not good and I didn't run fast for the 3,000 meters. We didn't pay attention to physical fitness. Physical fitness is the decisive role. This time we judged the top eight based on physical fitness and felt a little lacking."

  Text/Reporter Liu Ailin Coordinator/Wang Haozhou