Viktoria Azarenka refuses to play in the Parisian rain.


Clive Brunskill / POOL / AFP

This edition of the Roland-Garros tournament postponed to September is already shaping up to be exceptional.

Not in terms of the game, at least not at the moment, but rather behind the scenes.

While winter seems to have settled down in Paris in less time than it takes to tell it, with rain, wind and the cold of frozen duck to nail you in place, the artists will have to grit your teeth during this fortnight.

Azarenka doesn't want to play anymore!

- Eric Salliot (@ericsalliot) September 27, 2020

Sunday morning, when she had just started her match against Danka Kovinić in a fine rain and with a thermometer barely showing 11 degrees, Victoria Azarenka suddenly put down her racket to go to the referee of the match and tell him that it was not possible to continue in such weather conditions.

"You guys are joking. You don't see what's happening? What are we doing here? I'm down to play whatever, you know I'm not complaining here, but this is getting a little bit ridiculous."

- Victoria Azarenka is not at all happy with the rainy, windy, cold conditions right now.

- Tumaini Carayol (@tumcarayol) September 27, 2020

“You're kidding.

Can't see what's going on?

What are we doing here?

I'm ready for a lot of things, you know I'm not used to complaining, but now it's getting a bit ridiculous, ”she said, according to a Guardian journalist present on the spot.

Let the party begin !

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