Luis Suárez began to cry at the same moment in which he spoke in the act of his farewell.

Emotionally dressed short, but even longer, the Uruguayan soccer player had a hard time articulating an initial speech that he had not even prepared.

"It was all unforeseen."

Josep Maria Bartomeu, president of Barcelona who agreed on Wednesday to transfer the Uruguayan to Atlético without a fixed amount (although with six million in variables), looked at him carefully after the initial compliments.

Suárez, once the crying was controlled, held back when he could.

He avoided public reproaches, although at no time did he hide the bad drink

he has had to go through despite being a legend of the entity.

His 198 goals in 283 games, the club's third highest all-time scorer, credit the myth.

"I know there are many people who will be hurt by the way they fire me. But we must not take the limelight away from six wonderful years. I am leaving as the great Barcelona player that I was



Thus Suárez closed his speech to the applause of his wife and three children, with whom he was photographed at the Camp Nou along with the 13 titles obtained.

And, of course, against Leo Messi.

The Uruguayan striker was able to express in one sentence what happened in the volcanic Barça summer:

"When the club tells you that they don't count on you, you have to accept it. Just like when a player tells you they want to go



Suárez took the step to the side despite having one more year of contract.

Messi had to stay because he could not avoid his 700 million euro clause.

Bartomeu, without glasses, continued to watch the scene carefully.

Ronald Koeman was in charge of calling him by phone to tell him that his time at Barcelona was coming to an end.

"When the coach told me, I expected it

. It had already been said before. I was able to accept it. The club needed changes and the coach did not count on me," Suárez explained.

Asked directly by who he thought had made the decision to leave, Suárez again restrained himself: "One is no stranger to what happens in football. To the journalistic information that there is. There was already speculation with the players who could leave. And the coach's call confirmed it. I accepted it. "

"I can continue competing"

What Suárez did try to make clear is that he has the strength to maintain his level.

And that perhaps his time at Barcelona could have been extended:

"I want to show that I can continue competing

. I feel empowered. It sounds ironic, but when Barcelona told me that they didn't count on me and they put me on the market, there were many calls. Many. offers. I felt qualified to go to a team that could compete equally with Barcelona and Real Madrid. I had no doubts [with the signing for Atlético] at that time. "

Suárez admitted that he had already spoken with Diego Godín about his new club.

"I am going there with great enthusiasm for a very competitive and ambitious team. I will try to help it continue to grow. And to achieve something important."

He was especially upset when he had to assess his relationship with Messi and the treatment offered by the press.

"Things have been invented and leaked. We know what the world of football is like, with all those things that make you angry.

When I arrived they said: 'Be careful with Messi, he doesn't get along with the strikers



And now with one who he gets along well, he's bad. We are aware that the time we were at Barcelona we tried to keep up ".

Suárez, unable to look at the chairs in front once the press conference was over, returned to tears: "I can't blame myself for anything. I played with discomfort. With pain. I have to go proud to enter the history of Barcelona."

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