Men's Golf US Open Hideki Matsuyama 5 strokes behind lead 4th place rises September 20th 10:12

The second round of the men's golf overseas major, the US Open Championship, was held in New York on the 19th, and Hideki Matsuyama moved up to 4th place, 5 strokes behind the lead in the total even par.

Matsuyama has participated in the US Open for eight consecutive years and is aiming to win the first major title for Japanese men in this tournament, which came in second place three years ago.

The third round started from 7th place in the even par, which is 4 strokes behind the lead, and increased to 3 under in total with the 14th birdie, such as 4th to 3rd consecutive birdies.

The following 15th was a bogey, 17th was a rough grab and hit a double bogey, but on this day, 6 birdies, 4 bogeys and 1 double bogey were par-played, and the total was even par, with 5 strokes in the lead. I moved up to 4th place in the difference.

Matsuyama said, "On the final day, I think there will be a chance if we can get birdies like today and reduce bogies."

Ryo Ishikawa dropped four scores to a total of 10 overs, but moved up from 49th to 40th, and Shugo Imahira dropped eight scores to a total of 13 overs, retreating from 33rd to 55th. Did.

Matthew Wolf of the United States has increased the score by 5 with 6 birdies and 1 bogey to take the lead in the total of Five Under, followed by Bryson DeChambeau of the same United States by 2 strokes.