The Tour de Luxembourg again causes controversy in the peloton.

In the final stage of the much-discussed stage race in Luxembourg, a truck entered the track, which led to a crash in the group.

The vehicle approached the peloton 67 kilometers from the finish in the opposite direction in a bend.

It did not lead to a collision, because a few riders managed to make way in time.

At the back of the group, some drivers went against the asphalt because they had to squeeze hard on the brakes and could no longer swerve each other.

It is not clear what injuries the riders suffered from the crash.

It is also not clear how the truck got onto the track.

The final stage continued despite the incident.

The Tour de Luxembourg, a pro-continental stage race, has been under fire for some time due to unsafe road conditions.

Cars and buses were parked in the final of Tuesday's opening stage.

As a protest against the unsafe scenes, the riders went on strike in the second stages and stood next to their bikes after 18 kilometers.

The organization then decided to neutralize the 100 kilometers of the stage, because it was considered too dangerous.


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A truck on the road causes a crash in the Tour of Luxembourg.

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Riders' safety has been under discussion for some time

Since the resumption of cycling, the safety of the riders has been under discussion in the peloton, because many heavy falls took place in a short time.

For example, Fabio Jakobsen was driven into the gates by Dylan Groenewegen in a mass sprint in the Tour of Poland, which was seen as very dangerous by many riders.

The Belgian Remco Evenepoel fell in a descent into a ravine in the Tour of Lombardy and the German Maximilian Schachmann collided in the same course with a car that had entered the course.

The international cycling federation UCI announced that it will carry out more inspections to ensure the safety of cyclists.

The security conditions are also being reformed.

In the future, heavier sentences may be handed out for misconduct or wrongdoing.